Overhead Cranes


Whiting's mechanical, structural, electrical and analytical engineering teams design and produce cranes that meet practically any industry challenge. Whiting also has pre-engineered designs for low cost and rapid delivery.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are adapted to applications where overhead runways would be very long & costly to erect.

Heavy Duty Cranes

Customized cranes for CMAA crane classses D,E & F.

Light Duty Cranes
Reliable, efficient and affordable light duty cranes.

Medium/Heavy Duty Cranes
Pre-engineered or Customized crane designs for CMAA classes C, D & E.

Polar Cranes
Reactor Servicing cranes sometimes called Polar cranes may handle critical loads and so may be subject to strict regulation by the NRC. They are often also subject to seismic considerations from earthquakes.

Industries We Serve:

Nuclear Power


Steel Mills

Metal Service Centers



Hydro-Electric Plants

fossil1.jpgFossil Fuel Plants

Paper Mills


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