Scrap Handling


Scrap Handling Overhead Cranes

Most Scrap Handling operations require a 20 ton lift capacity, however we have had experience designing solutions between 10 and 60 tons. The primary considerations in specifying a Scrap Handling system are:

  1. Tons to be moved
  2. Cycle time
  3. Distances moved
  4. Highest lift required
  5. Any below-the-hook devices such as magnets or grapples

Whiting has produced a number of products for Scrap handling applications. For specific answers to your questions, please contact our Steel Solutions Team or call 800-861-5744.

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Bucket or Grappling Crane
A Bucket-handling Crane or Grapple Crane is used to handle bulk material. These cranes are usually high duty cycle and require a close analysis of the volume or weight to be moved in a given time.

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