Do your overhead cranes meet production and safety requirements?


Modernization programs save you time and money and can increase the life of your current equipment.  Modernization programs allow you to:

  •  Meet increased demand for overhead material handling
  •  Reduce maintenance and operating expenses over the life of the equipment
  •  Have better load spotting and load control
  •  Improve reliability due to reduced production downtime
  •  Gain a clearer understanding of the current safety standards mandated by OSHA and other regulators

Let Whiting design a modernization program for you, based on your unique material handling requirements. Components of a Whiting modernization program may include, but are not limited to:

  • Specialized design analysis for re-rating cranes
  • Detailed engineering or customized packages that are compatible with the original design specifications
  • Replacement/remanufacturing of electrical and mechanical components
  • On-site services including training programs and installations
  • Original equipment parts and re-engineered parts
  • After-sale customer service and support

Call Whiting today to discuss how a modernization can help you keep pace with new and emerging technologies, prolong your equipment life and save you money!

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