Freight Car Building & Repair


Freight Car Building & Repair

Whiting CMAA compliant cranes are used to lift and position body and truck materials for the building and repairing of freight railcars.

Whiting's rugged design and service class of equipment provides the reliability necessary for the production of railcars that move and fuels the railroad industry.

In addition, Whiting portable electric jacks and drop tables are used to service rail car and locomotive fleets.  Whiting manufactured turntables and transfer tables easily move trucks and railcars within a plant or from one track to another within the confines of a maintenance and repair facility.

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Rip Jacks
Rip jacks are furnished by Whiting for use in rip (repair) track operations.

Portable Electric Jacks
Whiting portable jacks can be equipped with a variety of specialized brackets to meet the requirements of dozens of unique lifting operations. 

Heavy Duty Cranes
Whiting manufactures customized cranes in CMAA crane classses D,E & F.

Transfer Tables
The transfer table is an invaluable tool for maintaining traffic flow between tracks in a car repair or maintenance shop.

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