Double Girder -Top Running Bridge


Double girder, top running bridge cranes have several features and benefits, including:

24:1 running sheave/rope diameter ratio which meets CMAA Class E service

Crane capacities ranging from 5 to 600 tons. Our compact designs and all-welded construction minimizes unneeded weight - which means less drag and lower costs to YOU!

Jacketed bridge conductor cable rated from -40 to 105+ degrees Celsius at 600 volts. Every crane is completely wired and assembled at our facility to ensure immediate and continued operating efficiency.

Hoist gearbox contains a triple reduction, splash lubricated reducer with precision cut steel helical and spur gearing.

OEM herringbone gears that assure a long life and quiet, smooth operation.


Ash Handling
Cranes designed for corrosive and abrasive product service.

Rad Waste Cranes
These cranes typically operate within a maze of walls to minimize any radioactive migration.  These cranes require accurate positioning and are often remotely operated with TV cameras and monitors.

Coil Handling
Whiting designs and builds solutions specifically for steel and coil handling applications.

Reactor Room Cranes
Since reactor servicing cranes often run on circular runways, the cranes are often termed as Polar cranes. 

Die Handling
Die handling cranes handle die storage as well as die loading and unloading at the presses. 

Reel Handling
Reel handling cranes utilize C hooks under the hook to contact the journals at the end of the roll.

Fossil Fuel Plants
Whiting produces cranes that offer high load ratings over 200 tons, long spans over 100ft and high lifts over 80ft.

Scrap Handling
Whiting's specialized designs for scrap handling applications can range from 10 to 60 tons.

Foundry Equipment
Iron and steel foundries trust in the reliability and durability of their cranes. Whiting cranes are ready each and every time they are called on to make a lift.  

Shipping Bay
Shipping bay cranes are the final step in getting product to your customers. 

Freight Car Building & Repair
Whiting designs and builds quipment for freight car repair and service facilities.

Shipping & Receiving Solutions
Whiting overhead cranes for shipping & receiving bays are designed to operate at full capacity for extended periods to ensure your products are loaded for shipment to reach the customers on time.  

Gate Handling Cranes
Gate handling cranes raise and lower dam gates to control the flow of water from the reservoir, and are also used to raise and lower bulkheads and trash racks.

Solid Waste Handling
The environment for solid waste handling places many severe operating requirements on your crane. Whiting cranes operate in any environment to get the job done. 

Hydro-Electric Plants
Whiting cranes provide uninterrupted service for gate handling and turbine room applications.

Spent Fuel / Cask Handling Cranes

Ladle Handling
Ladle handling cranes from Whiting feature precise pouring capabilties to reduce the cost of handling materials.

Turbine Handling
Turbine Room cranes in nuclear power plants have essentially the same requirements as those in fossil fuel plants. 

Passenger Car Building & Repair
Whiting maintenance and repair equipment utilized in light service to complete heavy duty overhauls puts your equipment back online quickly and with the bearest minimum of downtime.

Wet & Dry End
Whiting crane designs in this damp and corrosive environment include two and three trolley configurations for the removal, replacement and/or repair of the rolls at the wet and dry ends of a paper machine.


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