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jack repairWhiting’s Portable Electric Jacks are the industry standard because of their rugged design, reliable lifting capability and easy maneuverability.

When its time for a rebuild, Whiting Services offers two options in their Portable Electric Jack Repair Program to fit your budget:

Option #1

Whiting Services will repair portable electric jacks at approximately 80% of the cost of a new set of Whiting Portable Electric Jacks. A one-year warranty on all parts and labor is included. All parts or components are replaced on the jacks with the exception of the main frame and lifting bracket. Additional costs will be applied if the main frame and lifting bracket require repair. Check with the your nearest Whiting Services branch for current jack pricing. Freight charges are extra. The jacks may remain at your facility until parts are acquired and a service technician may be dispatched to look at the jacks before the process begins. Lead times generally range between 3-8 weeks.

Option #2

Whiting Services will receive your jacks at our nearest service location and completely disassemble the jacks for a complete inspection. The results of the inspection will be documented with part replacement and repair recommendations. Upon receipt of a purchase order for the full amount of the repair process, Whiting Services will replace all of the parts deemed necessary and perform all necessary repairs for safe jack operation. Lead times may vary due to parts availability and repairs that may be required. Freight charges are extra.