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Whiting is pleased to be a distributor of the Zephir range of electric rail car mover systems in the United States. Zephir, based in Italy, was founded in 1969, and in 1977, became the first producer in the world to introduce a heavy duty tractor, the Locotractor, for the railroad industry. Today, the range has evolved to include twelve different models, suitable for several applications, as well as two electric model ranges – CRAB and KUBO.

These innovative railroad shunters are able to be utilized on and off the track, and can operate within closely confined spaces, such as tunnels or railway workshops. Further, and more recent development, has also led to the creation of the LOKOM and LOK E ranges, a combination of the original Zephir range and the electric engine.


To see the Zephir brochure, please click here: Zephir Electric Range