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Overhead Crane Applications


Ash HandlingAsh Handling

Features include provisions for stainless steel electrical enclosures and the utilization of paint systems that are designed for their corrosion protection properties.

soliswasteBucket Or Grapple Cranes

Bucket, or grapple cranes, are typically used to move material from a storage area to the production area.

app-automotivedie3Die Handling

Whiting can design solutions that range between 20 and 75 tons in lift capacity.


Due to the unusual hazards inherent in the handling of hot molten materials, special design considerations are considered for safe and reliable lifting solutions.

Gantry CranesReel Handling

The crane removes the full paper roll from the machine and replaces it with an empty roll while never interrupting the paper making process.

scraphandleScrap Handling

Most Scrap Handling operations require a 20 ton lift capacity, however Whiting has experience designing solutions between 10 and 60 tons.

shippingbayShipping Bay

With the ever growing emphasis on time delivery, the ability to load and ship finished product, as scheduled, is critical to steel mill shipping operations.

Refuse craneSolid Waste Handling

Reliability of the crane is essential to keeping the pit and its material segregation areas up to speed with the truck delivery systems.

Steel Coil HandlingSteel Coil Handling 

Whiting designs overhead crane solutions to solve many coil handling situations.

paper millWet & Dry End 

These multi-trolley cranes must be designed to work in environments that are hot, humid and loaded with paper dust.


Railroad Maintenance Applications


app-railfreightFreight Car Building & Repair

Whiting’s rugged design and service class of equipment provides the reliability necessary for the production of railcars that move the railroad industry.

appRailllocoLocomotive Building & Repair

Whiting has designed and manufactured rail maintenance equipment that can be found in almost any major heavy locomotive repair shop in the USA.

Tranist Rail equipmentPassenger Car Building & Repair

Dependable, service tested Whiting maintenance equipment is available in a variety of arrangements to speed maintenance and reduce costs and downtime.


Nuclear & Power Plant Applications


app-2012625hydrocraneDam Gate Handling

Gate handling cranes are mainly used to raise and lower dam gates to control the flow of water from the reservoir

radwastecraneRad Waste Cranes

These cranes typically operate within a maze of walls to minimize any radioactive migration.

nuclearReactor Room Cranes

Since reactor servicing cranes often run on circular runways, the cranes are often termed as Polar Cranes.

spent_fuel1Spent Fuel / Cask Handling 

Where reactor servicing and spent fuel handling are in entirely separate areas or in separate buildings, a separate crane is used for spent fuel handling.

turbine roomTurbine Room Cranes

Turbine cranes require accurate positioning for spotting loads during installation, maintenance or removal of the turbine and related equipment.